Large Reward for a Little Deer

By Marcus Flesher
Arizona, Guided, Public Land

Marcus Flesher - Large Reward for a Little DeerOctober/November 2012 EHJ (Issue 133) - Coming from the Northwest and having a passion for hunting mule deer my entire life made it hard for me to believe that the feeling of accomplishment would feel so large for such as little of a deer as a Coues’.

While spending time at my local sports show I met an outfitter by the name of Matt Woodward who operates Borderland Adventures out of Arizona. I was captivated by the exoticness of the Coues’ deer mounts he had in his booth and the thought of hunting those deer in the arid terrain of southern Arizona was hard to get off my mind. Matt taunted me with stories and photos as my imagination went wild. I left Matt’s booth and started pondering the thoughts of hunting these little deer.

After a while I just couldn’t take it any more and marched back to the booth to make it official. Shortly afterwards I was bragging to my friends about my plans for that October. I must not be the only one that was drawn to the light and like a moth to a flame my friends where booking hunts to tag along for the ride.

Hunting season starts early for me in Idaho and I was chasing antelope in August and mule deer and elk in September to pass the time until my trip to the border. Not really knowing what to expect, I found myself engulfed in conversation regularly with Matt to ease the pain of waiting and to prepare myself for the hunt. My early season hunts flew by and before I knew it my buddies and I were loading the truck and stocking up on Red Bulls and Rockstars to make the long trip. Usually I would stop in Las Vegas to try my luck at the blackjack tables, but this time I was on a mission and there was no time for gambling.

Twenty hours later we were sitting in the dark waiting for Matt to meet us at our rendezvous spot. As we followed our guide into camp we got a flat tire and the conversation started to turn downhill as we discussed the possibility of a bad omen. A quick tire change and a strong cup of coffee later we were gathered around the campfire enjoying the smell of the burning mesquite and sharing stories with the crew.

Marcus Flesher - Large Reward for a Little Deer

For a full account of Marcus's adventure, go to page 14 in the October/November 2012 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.