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Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Issue of EHJ

So Lucky to Miss Twice! by Michell Hatch

So Lucky to Miss Twice!

Michell Hatch

December/January 2013 EHJ (Issue 134) - Excitement and doubt crept into my mind when I found out that I had drawn this special bull elk tag on the Paunsaugunt in southern Utah, and with only four bonus points. Lucky me! I was so excited, but nervous at the same time. My son, Dan Hatch, had already stated that he would take the time off work to help me out. I have always been out on hunts, but never was serious about them, until now. I was telling everyone that I was going to bring something home, not knowing what it would be. I felt confident that it would be something, but unsure of how big. I just knew in my heart that it would be something.

My husband and I traveled to southern Utah to set up camp on Friday night and get ready for the next big day— the hunt! Dan and his wife Jordan joined us for the evening, as well as other family members that came out. We went up on a point to glass down into the field where the herd of elk was feeding. There were two shooter bulls in the herd. We were now getting excited for the morning to come.

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The 9:07 Buck by Dave Zohner

The 9:07 Buck

Dave Zohner

It had finally arrived. It was Wednesday, October 26th at 4:00 p.m., and I was headed to pick up my good friend and hunting partner, Jerrod Schmauch to head out mule deer hunting. Jerrod would be along for the ride with extra packing capability and extra eyes. I had drawn one of the most coveted deer tags in the state of Montana!

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Overcoming The Odds by Nanci Nicholson

Overcoming The Odds

Nanci Nicholson

Spring time in Montana is a beautiful time of year, not only for the good weather, but it is also that time of year where you can start dreaming, "What if…what if I was lucky enough to draw a mountain goat permit?” To put this story in perspective, I have been putting in for mountain goats for over twenty years and every year the best I have ever done is get another preference point. This year was expected to be no different as they only give two permits in the unit I applied for.

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Calling in a Favor by Steve Spanogle

Calling in a Favor

Steve Spanogle

Every time I leave the backcountry I have a sense of leaving a piece of me behind, but I never leave without learning more about the wild places I called home. We live in a time where information about any subject can be gathered in the snap of a finger. As far as backcountry hunting goes, there are numerous books, DVDs and periodicals such as EHJ, which allow us to learn from others’ experiences.

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Good Medicine by Matt Cashell

Good Medicine

Matt Cashell

Concern was growing as I peaked over the topography of the rockslide toward the head of the basin. I couldn’t see the ribbon cliff he was on yet. I glanced back at Kenny, and his look was as worried as mine. I crept a little forward and stood on tippy-toes, pulling my binoculars to my eyes while trying not to send a landslide heading for lower country. There was the ribbon cliff, and there he was — staring directly at me!

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Not Big Enough

Kaycee Chistopherson

My daughter, Kaycee, is as competitive as they come. The fall elk hunt would be no different. Kaycee had drawn a limited-entry youth bull elk permit. She was 13 years old, and this would be her first elk hunt. She was excited to hunt during the rut in September. Though, I don’t know who was more excited, Kaycee, me, or her grandfather, who was taking time off work to come hunting with us, plus traveling from Idaho to Utah so he could be there when his granddaughter got her first bull elk.

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Cutting to the Chase by Jeff Bloomquist

Cutting to the Chase

Jeff Bloomquist

There is nothing like pulling into a place you have never been before and being able to recognize each mountain, ridge, and creek, and knowing the name of each and how the ground lays. For the last five months I had spent every spare minute studying maps and doing countless hours of Internet scouting for this opportunity. The time was finally here, and it was everything I was hoping it would be.

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Chuckles in the Washakie by Ron Selby

Chuckles in the Washakie

Ron Selby

We sat on our horses and watched in disbelief as the herd bull went down and the report from the rifle of the distant hunter echoed through the deep gulch. We had spent six days hunting this bull with a bow and to see him fall to someone else’s shotthat first morning of rifle season just made me want to puke. I felt like I had been gut shot and snake bit all at the same time. 

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Stone's Sheep at a Stone's Throw by Marvin Kwiatkowski

Stone's Sheep at a Stone's Throw

Marvin Kwiatkowski

I pinch myself to snap out of a surreal stupor. The catnap just ended but the dream hasn’t; one ram is definitely not like the others. I wave Bart over, "Take a look at this!” My optimism soars like the visible jet stream high above the surrounding peaks. It is the midpoint of my last Stone’s sheep hunt and I reflect upon 35 years of pursuing the ultimate epic mountain adventure.

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Family Business by Mark and Gary Webb

Family Business

Mark and Gary Webb

As far back as I can remember I can hear those words from my father…"Get up, let’s go. Those deer aren’t going to be moving all day.” My fondest memories from my childhood up through high school were, no, not the girls I dated or the sports I played. It was hunting deer! There wasn’t anything I liked more than hunting. I’m 39 now with a beautiful wife and four kids, three of whom are boys. Still, to this very day, hunting is my passion and I love taking my sons whenever I can. 

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Hardcore Field Test

Easton Kilo 3P by Brandon Mason

Easton Kilo 3P

Have you ever been in search of that perfect product, but after a few years of searching you begin to think that it doesn’t exist? I’ve been in that scenario many times with all types of hunting equipment… tents, sleeping bags, rifles, backpacks, boots, camouflage, etc. Thankfully, many of these categories now have companies that have heard of the plight of sportsmen and decided to do something about it.

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