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Feb/Mar 2013 Issue of EHJ

Booner Year by Brady Palmer

Booner Year

Brady Palmer

February/March 2013 EHJ (Issue 135) - When my buddies and I planned this hunt we had no idea what was in store for us. We always hunt hard to make something happen and are usually successful, but I had no idea that this would be a Booner year for me. It wasn’t until I took a moment to sit down next to the second mature mule deer I shot in three days that it all began to sink in. I was so lucky and fortunate that my mule deer stars lined up for me on that hunt. I always try to take a minute to sit down and really reflect on the day and get everything I can out of that feeling you get after a successful hunt. As I sat there next to the 170-inch buck that I would not think twice about shooting on any day, I still couldn’t help but think about the once-in-a-lifetime, 270-inch buck that I shot three days earlier, and that’s where this story begins.

It was a chilly, late-October morning when my buddy Ryan and I set out. Ryan killed a nice buck the day before, so I was up to bat. The plan was to start our hunt about four miles out of camp. We made it there about fifteen minutes before daylight and used that time to get our gear together and finalize our plan for the day. We decided to hunt our way up to a saddle where we could look into the next drainage over.

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Wow Factor by JB Sherrill

Wow Factor

JB Sherrill

It was still dark when Dad and I got to a little outcropping of rocks, surrounded by mesquite, overlooking a small tank in Coleman County, Texas. It was very cold, but the itchy wool pants and the Ronson hand-warmer helped. As it started to get light, I was focused on a salt lick next to the water’s edge. Not moving and church mousequiet, it was probably as close as I ever felt to my father. That morning under his watchful eye, at the age of seven, I had my first hunting experience. It was 1959.

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Snack-Time Surprise by John Misrasi

Snack-Time Surprise

John Misrasi

This was my twentieth year hunting in the high country of Wyoming. It’s part of the true wilderness that is still left, and it’s different each time I’m up there. It can change in an instant, whether it’s cold and snowy or hot and dry. But, the things that make it the best are the occasional moose walking through camp stirring up the horses or the possibility of running into a bear or two. And, to beat it all—there aren’t a lot of hunters.

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The Hunter's Rush by Brent Cooper

The Hunter's Rush

Brent Cooper

The dull drone of an alarm clock is not usually met with feelings of excitement; but today was different. There is nothing that can subdue the excitement of what hunting in a previously unexplored part of the state brings to me. Not even a noisy, warbling, electronic-reminder of what is normally associated with a long workday. Today is different.

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History Becomes Reality by Cory Ruchti

History Becomes Reality

Cory Ruchti

In 2009, I was lucky enough to draw a mountain goat tag in Colorado. While hunting and scouting for mountain goats, I had seen some really nice bucks in the high country. After seeing so many bucks, I made up my mind that I wanted to start applying for the high-country mule deer tag in this unit. A few years passed and I finally drew the tag this past fall, along with my good friend, Jarrod Nay. 

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Lucky 7s by Robert Edwards

Lucky 7s

Robert Edwards

When I walked up to my buck, all I could do was stand there, smile and shake my head. I had just accomplished a goal I never really remember setting for myself. Somewhere in the back of my mind, that goal was there. The sense of accomplishment was unreal! I had dreamed about a buck like this for most of my life.

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My Turn by Kristine Hirschi

My Turn

Kristine Hirschi

For years, my sweet husband has so willingly guided others to giant mule deer. Mike devotes hours, days, no… weeks of his life every year to finding and following these beautiful animals. He has devoted a journal to keeping records of the deer he follows and noting their growth. His love and respect for them is unparalleled.

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Short and Sweet by Mike Jones

Short and Sweet

Mike Jones

My 2012 hunt in the Henry Mountains was an amazing experience that I am grateful to have been involved in. Life had been rough the last couple of years and this hunt gave me a renewed hope for something great. I was fortunate to draw the tag with only 11 points. I had heard of guys who had 17 points and didn’t draw! The day I found out that I drew the tag, I also learned that my wife and son had drawn the same weapon hunt in two different third-choice units.

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My Lifetime Buck by Randy Windsor

My Lifetime Buck

Randy Windsor

Every hunter dreams of a big buck—a buck with antlers that are high and wide, with extra points or an unusual feature, such as a drop tine. I have harvested many nice bucks since taking my first buck back in 1963. However, I have never harvested a 30-inch buck, a drop-tine buck or a buck with more than five points on one side. I have hunted in several states chasing that dream with the same result of falling short of my goals. 

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