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Apr/May 2013 Issue of EHJ

Old Rams in the White Sands by Blayne St. James

Old Rams in the White Sands

Blayne St. James

Four thousand vertical feet and there he was, bedded across the canyon, facing us directly. Time was not on our side, and at nearly a half-mile away, we had our work cut out for us. With fading light and much ground to cover it was decision time - leave the old ram and come back in the morning to trudge up through the cactus and sharp rocks, or climb toward the rocky peak in hopes of sneaking down on top of the old boy in his bed. I’ve been accused of many things in my life, but being a passive hunter has never been one of them. It was go time, baby!

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33rd Times the Charm by Jim Tuell

33rd Times the Charm

Jim Tuell

Believe it or not, I knew I was going to be hunting sheep this year. In April, I bet everyone $100 that I would be holding a 200-inch ram by fall. I got the expected "Yeah, right,” and "Uh huh,” but this summer when I hit the online draw results button for the 33rd year and it said, "Successful,” my bags were already packed.

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Seeking the One by Shelby Miller

Seeking the One

Shelby Miller

April/May 2013 EHJ (Issue 136) - My mouth was so dry I could taste the unforgiving dry heat. Beside me, on a rugged, shade deprived mountainside in Oregon’s relentless Hell’s Canyon, lay a twentyyear- old woman with her rifle and one giant dream. For four hours we waited out the bighorn people would dream about. Bedded comfortably under a juniper, enjoying his view of Oregon’s Snake River is where Shelby’s story begins.

Goliath, as we had named him months ago, just needed to stand up and step out to offer Shelby a broadside shot. Twelve solid weeks of scouting, the countless miles on the the boots came down to the moment he stirred.

Goliath rose from his bed and, like he had a sixth-sense, walked straight to cover, never offering her a good shot. The Bighorn ram that consumed our lives those past few months crested the hillside out of sight. The look of defeat covered Shelby’s face and I couldn’t help but feel it myself.

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No Country For Old Men by Mike Torres

No Country For Old Men

Mike Torres

In 2010, my wife Lee won a Remington 700 .300 WSM at the California Deer Association Banquet in our hometown of Redding, CA. I took this as an omen that I should take this rifle on a sheep hunt. So, when I met Jarrett Deuling of Deuling Stone Outfitters at the Sheep Show in Reno I booked a Stone sheep hunt for 2011. Jarrett booked me on the second hunt in 2011 and it was to be on horseback. I worked up a very accurate load for the .300 WSM and began getting as a close to "sheep shape” as a broken down old fireman could get.

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Thankful for Second Chances by Kim Luse

Thankful for Second Chances

Kim Luse

Last year was my lucky year, as I drew a coveted bighorn sheep tag after a long anticipated wait. I’m really partial to Bighorn sheep as my favorite big game animal due to the fact that every year after Thanksgiving dinner we as a family would drive up to the Rocky Mountain front to view the sheep in the rut. They are so pristine in their natural environment and I look so forward to it every year. 

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One "Epic" Hunt by Butch Whiting

One "Epic" Hunt

Butch Whiting

This sheep hunt started as other hunts begin: a remote possibility with potential for greatness. Any legal ram is a trophy, but my heart was set on a true adventure with giant full-curl potential. Statistics suggested that only a few giant rams are taken every couple years outside of "draw areas.” I wanted to hunt on public land with an over-the-counter tag, just like other resident sheep hunters.

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The Bully by Brandon Siegfried

The Bully

Brandon Siegfried

As the Flight for Life helicopter flew by at eye level (12,000 feet), I saw seven sets of curled horns rise from the boulders only 200 yards to the west as if the sheep had been in foxholes. The adrenaline rush was on and I was about to have an opportunity to harvest a trophy class Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep in my Rocky Mountain High - Colorado.

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Better Late Than Never by Todd Mast

Better Late Than Never

Todd Mast

Apparently, I may not be as fun to be with as I previously thought. It was day seven in the field during my once-in-a-lifetime Arizona Desert Bighorn sheep hunt in the rugged and spectacularly scenic canyon country along the Salt River. From my preseason discussions with friends, relatives, and co-workers I had expected to have plenty of guys out there to accompany me in the field. In reality, that was not the case, as I was on my own most of the time those first seven days. As each day progressed the sheep seemed to lose interest in my company also.

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Two Inches Short

Glenn Martin Jr.

I started this year like every other year since my accident in January 1994. That year changed not only my life but my family’s forever, and not for the better. From that time on all decisions made when putting in for tags are based on the amount of drivable roads and private land accessibility. Being a disabled veteran, my ability to hunt is extremely limited. To look at me you would think that nothing is wrong with me but when it comes to hills and valleys, I can’t do them anymore, so I use a vehicle or an ATV about 95% of the time.

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Ultimate Alaskan Adventure by Chris Maxwell

Ultimate Alaskan Adventure

Chris Maxwell

The day had finally come! Months of planning, organizing and building excitement were finally behind us. The cool Alaskan morning met me at the cabin’s threshold as we prepared to depart into the wilderness, leaving the warmth of our outfitters cabin and embarking on what would be the most grueling fifteen days of hunting I have ever experienced. Joining me on this hunt would be my co-worker, Brad Kile. Few people have the passion for hunting like Brad and I do and I couldn’t have found a better hunting partner for the trip.

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Double Mocha by James Kiser

Double Mocha

James Kiser

Every hunter dreams of some day going hunting for a Bighorn ram. Growing up in Wyoming, I certainly did. Well, almost thirty-five years in the making, I finally drew, but by that time I was a nonresident. I had maximum points, but it came at a maximum price – a total of $100 spent on points and over $2200 for the license.

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Hardcore Field Test

Kryptek Technical Clothing by Brandon Mason

Kryptek Technical Clothing

Since the explosion of modern hunting apparel in recent years, many new brands and manufacturers have popped up — some really good and some not so good. A couple of years ago, we were hearing rumblings of a new company called Kryptek. With a tagline of "Battlefield to Backcountry,” they were definitely catching people’s attention. Founded by two special forces military servicemen with a passion for the outdoors, they set out to make their clothing as "bullet-proof ” as possible.

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