Two Inches Short

By Glenn Martin Jr.
Montana, DIY, Public Land

Glenn Martin Jr. - Two Inches ShortApril/May 2013 EHJ (Issue 136) - I started this year like every other year since my accident in January 1994. That year changed not only my life but my family’s forever, and not for the better. From that time on all decisions made when putting in for tags are based on the amount of drivable roads and private land accessibility.

Being a disabled veteran, my ability to hunt is extremely limited. To look at me you would think that nothing is wrong with me but when it comes to hills and valleys, I can’t do them anymore, so I use a vehicle or an ATV about 95% of the time.

Before my injury, hunting was in my blood! I grew up on hunting and learned everything I could. I taught myself to bow hunt and later became a Bowhunter Instructor for the State of Montana. I wanted to make sure that those who are new to bowhunting had the correct understanding and didn’t have to learn from mistakes as I did.

My wife never hunted a day in her life until she married me. I taught her and our son the ins and outs of hunting. We enjoyed hunting together as a family should until the day I got hurt.

Hunting was not as much fun anymore since I was limited on where and how. There were many times I just wanted to quit and not deal with hunting anymore, so in the past seventeen of our twenty-seven years of marriage, my wife would push me on and encourage me to continue to hunt and put in for my tags. In those years, I missed putting in for my moose, sheep, and goat tags two or three times and didn’t hunt a few years. But, with the support and nagging of my wife Pamela I might never have drawn a Montana sheep tag.

I had forgotten the drawing results were in mid-June. My wife called me to tell me the great news that I not only drew a sheep tag, but my first choice – the premier spot in Montana, and in my opinion, the best place in North America.

Well, all I could say was, "Are you sure? You better check again!”

Pam told me she checked it and it was me! After I calmed down and got my composure back, I had to start making plans.

When I got back in town from visiting my grandson and in-laws, I headed to the taxidermy shop where I have been getting my animals done since the day Waylon started in the taxidermy business, but they already knew; the word was out. I explained to the guys that my wife could not get off work for sheep hunting because she put in for deer and elk season.

Pam is an avid hunter and fisherman and can field dress an animal as good as any man. As a disabled hunter, I have to have someone with me at all times and they too must be a licensed hunter so that in the event an animal gets away from a bad hit they can pursue and finish the job for me. Well, at that point both Waylon and his employee, Crockett, volunteered to take me out. I would never ask someone because it is a big responsibility for that individual to take on!

Glenn Martin Jr. - Two Inches Short

For a full account of Glenn's adventure, go to page 44 in the April/May 2013 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.