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Jun/Jul 2013 Issue of EHJ

Length & Mass = 400" by Casey Johnson

Length & Mass = 400"

Casey Johnson

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Birthday Bull by Ace Lee

Birthday Bull

Ace Lee

I have been hunting elk for 40 years. From day one, it had been my dream to get one in the books. I had been putting in for the Wyoming units known for the big elk and had max points but with lots of people doing the same it made for high odds. At age 57, I needed to come up with something soon.

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A Blessing From God by Philip Burch

A Blessing From God

Philip Burch

It was opening morning. The temperature was 10 degrees and I was by myself. In preparation, I had scouted four weekends, hiked 100 miles, and felt confident in my scouting abilities. A week before the hunt, a friend helped me set up an outfitter’s tent but he was not able to be there with me on opening morning. 

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A Dream Found by Jim Loomis

A Dream Found

Jim Loomis

After three hip replacements, Dad had given up elk hunting 14 years ago. With the onset of Parkinson’s disease more recently, elk hunting with my dad seemed like a dream lost in days gone by. Even so, when big game applications are due every year I encouraged dad to put in for elk, deer, antelope, and moose.

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Guiding the Misguided by Chad Palovich

Guiding the Misguided

Chad Palovich

Like any other year, 2012 started out like normal. Around the 1st of April I started discussing hunting plans with my partners, Keith and Scott. We decided to hunt elk during the third rifle season in November. I grew up in southern Colorado and hunted all my life with my Dad and his best friend Bert. Over the years I have taken my share of nice bulls, so I decided to dedicate most of this hunt trying to help Keith and Scott get their first bull, guide them, so to speak.

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Patience to the Third Degree by Devin Sweeney

Patience to the Third Degree

Devin Sweeney

I started poring over aerial photos and topo maps and picked out a few spots that were likely to hold unpressured elk. Then my son and I spent every other weekend from June to September putting boot leather to the areas, hiking, running, exploring, and glassing in the early morning and fishing mountain lakes and ponds. Along the way we learned the lay of the land and wrapped it up with more evening glassing. It was a great summer. Together, my boy and I made a whole summer’s worth of great memories.

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Turn it Around by Ryan Wood

Turn it Around

Ryan Wood

Shooting light still lingered an hour to the east as the six horses worked their way up the long ridge. Even in the pre-dawn blackness they made good time, mainly due to familiarity. We had ridden horses up this ridge in the dark well over a hundred times. I glanced through an opening in the timber to my right and could see a hint of light creeping over the divide.

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Going Out On A Limb by Doug Wesley

Going Out On A Limb

Doug Wesley

With a lot of uncertainty, I put in for a lesser-known unit in Wyoming for elk in 2012 and hit the bullseye, both in drawing the tag and thoroughly enjoying pursuing elk in this remote region. Here’s my story that describes 10 months of elk hunt planning, scouting, and executing from January through the two-day October 2012 hunt. 

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The Omen by Nathan Wagner

The Omen

Nathan Wagner

As I settled the crosshairs on the bull’s chest, there was no doubt that this was the biggest bull I had ever seen while hunting. I knew if I blew this chance I would regret it for the rest of my life. Sometimes, I will have a powerful feeling that I just can’t ignore, and after applying unsuccessful ly for one of Montana’s most coveted tags for many years, I had the feeling that it was going to be my year.

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It Only Takes One

John Miller

Five o’clock comes early when you are cuddled up in the front seat of your car on a cold Wyoming morning. I was in and out of dreams of being surrounded by elk when a security guard knocked on my driver side window to see why we were parked so close to their refining facility. With a quick explanation that my brother and I were waiting on our friends to go up elk hunting, he was off. 

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A Little Help Goes a Long Way by Ed Boero

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Ed Boero

After 45 minutes, the large bull stepped into the sage clearing to feed. Even at that distance he looked considerably larger than the other two 300-inch bulls in the clearing. The bull moved to the right, presenting a perfect broadside view for a moment, and then turned to the left and started to move back into the mahogany. At the last moment, he lowered his head to feed, presenting me with a quartering away shot.

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When the Smoke Clears by William Neil

When the Smoke Clears

William Neil

Busted! We were in the middle of a stalk for a monster bull elk and everything had just gone wrong. As we were closing the distance, one of his cows made us and sent the herd running with the monster bull in tow. My heart sank.

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Pack'n Pistol by Todd Orr

Pack'n Pistol

Todd Orr

The bull took a deep breath, exhaled sharply, and took a step. His muscles flexed as he moved up the steep, slippery slope. Then a hind hoof slipped on the thin layer of fresh powder, grabbed the sharp edge of a rock, propelling the beast upward. He leaned deeper into the slope, his long front legs finding some traction on the ice-crusted lichens that clung to the rock scree.

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Worth the Price of the Subscription

Dann Miller

I got home September 4th about 9 p.m. to see my answering machine blinking. The message was from Ike Eastman, notifying me that I was Eastmans’ 2012 grand prize winner of an elk hunt in Colorado. I immediately looked at the area code of the phone number and realized it was not a prank call. I have NEVER won anything before. I couldn’t wait to call Eastmans’ and talk to Ike.

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