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Aug/Sep 2013 Issue of EHJ

Sierra Crest Stud by Robert Rath

Sierra Crest Stud

Robert Rath

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Go Team by Brittney Black

Go Team

Brittney Black

When it comes to hunting, my husband Adam is a pretty serious guy! So this past May when he excitedly came whooping and hollering out of the computer room I knew something was up. "You drew the Desert Bighorn sheep tag!” he exclaimed. Not even knowing I had put in for the tag, but being a willing, fair-weather hunter, I quickly asked, "Am I going to be cold?”

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A Passion for Hunting Antelope by Blake Luse

A Passion for Hunting Antelope

Blake Luse

This story started when I was five years old and was with my dad when he shot his Boone and Crockett antelope. It had thick, tall, prongs and a perfect heart shape. I remember the ride home from the taxidermist and my dad telling me not to touch it or even breathe on it. Since then I have tried to get a Boone and Crockett antelope myself, but to no avail. That was, until this year.

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2012 Will Be Tough To Top by Lauren & Madison Britt

2012 Will Be Tough To Top

Lauren & Madison Britt

If you are a father of young hunters, you may have had the pleasure of watching your child take a trophy animal. I was fortunate enough this year to watch two of my daughters do that in the same year on the mighty Milk River of Montana. I have been hunting all my life and dropped a couple of nice trophies. I have felt the high a hunter gets that makes you want to jump up and scream in celebration. Let me tell you, the high of shooting a trophy yourself does not compare to watching one of your children pull the trigger.

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Getting it Done by John Hewitt

Getting it Done

John Hewitt

My hunting partner John Hewitt recently said that after 13 years of trying to harvest a bull elk maybe you can’t get it done on public land. Well, for all you hunters who can’t afford to have a cameraman and a guide lead you to the big one, there is hope. Doing your research, scouting, and just plain trial and error can get you the hunting experience of a lifetime.

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The Year of the Goat by Peyton Holmes

The Year of the Goat

Peyton Holmes

I always want to discover the mountain man in myself—to intimately know remote and intimidating high country. I want to be alone and content within the mountains and with myself. What better adventure, to help me realize those lessons than a Rocky Mountain goat hunt? Mountain goats are normally found well above the sheep, on the cliffs and rocky crags at the top of the world.

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You Spot It - You Got It by Todd Saxey

You Spot It - You Got It

Todd Saxey

Hunting with a buddy has rewards as well as challenges. Figuring out who gets first shot can create situations that range from humorous to downright tense. My buddies and I have tried different systems. "Let’s shoot on three”. One, two… BOOM…three! Most of those situations ended with laughter.

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The Stairway to Heaven Bull by Travis Taylor

The Stairway to Heaven Bull

Travis Taylor

Ninety minutes into my hunt and it was all over. The bull lying next to me was like all the ones I had been dreaming about for months, even years – big back end, huge royals, and long, sweeping thirds. My only regret was that I didn’t get to keep hunting, but not even that could wipe the smile off my face.

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Blind Faith by Ryan Muecke

Blind Faith

Ryan Muecke

I was quick to judge, but with a solid rest I squeezed the trigger and my trophy was down. Could it be that after 18 years of applying it could be over in a matter of two days? This is the tale of my 2012 Wyoming HA3 Bighorn sheep hunt.

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This One's For You by Joseph Ewing

This One's For You

Joseph Ewing

Years of talk and dreams came down to a coyote hunt on a cold January day with Bill. As we moved between sets we were talking about plans for another hunt when the topic turned to moose. A friend of ours had just harvested a 62-inch bull with a bow and that planted the seed in our minds. Talking about that was all it took; we were off and running.

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High Success by Dan Tennant

High Success

Dan Tennant

For years I have been amazed with the quality of deer to be found in every outdoor magazine and hunting program, deer taken on private ranches with the help of guides, deer taken in well known areas with the use of tags that might take a decade or longer to draw. As a regular guy with a regular job, those hunts are beyond my means at this stage of my life.

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Last Hour, Last Day by Ryan Blanchette

Last Hour, Last Day

Ryan Blanchette

I stood at the top of the mountain at almost 12,000 feet on the afternoon of the last day of the season. All alone, not a sheep to be seen, I tipped my hat to the rocky snow-crested mountaintop and turned around, accepting the fact that I would be going home empty-handed for yet another year. It was the fourth year for me hunting this area and trying to fulfill my lifelong dream of harvesting a Bighorn ram.

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Long Time Coming by Rob Hensley

Long Time Coming

Rob Hensley

I have been applying for a Wyoming moose license since 1983. When I received my tag in the mail in May of 2012, I was more than excited to finally have my chance. I started bow hunting in early September with two friends, Kirk and Jeremy. We spent a week covering my area. There were a lot of encouraging signs, but we could never find the bull I was looking for. I decided to wait for the rifle season when the rut would be started and the weather would be cooler.

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Rut Madness by Stan Shaw

Rut Madness

Stan Shaw

Christmas comes once a year, and for me it didn’t come on December 25th when I opened my present to find a brand new EHJ cap, it came in May when I opened the mail and saw that I was going to get the chance to hunt trophy bull elk during the rut this year. I got right on the phone to let the boys know what Santa had brought me. I learned that my hunting partner, Dave, had drawn the same tag. Let the elk madness begin!

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