Elation at High Noon

By Wayne Mathis
New Mexico, Guided, Private Land

Wayne Mathis - Elation at High NoonOctober/November 2013 EHJ (Issue 139) - In the predawn of that September day, our guide, Dan Bishop with Antelope Adventures, had driven us to the ranch where I would be hunting. The previous afternoon, we scouted the general area and seen a number of speed goats, including one very nice buck. Our heightened hopes made sleep fleeting at best.

The majority of our morning was devoted to glassing and assessing the trophy potential of various shooter bucks. Although we had seen over 50 animals, only three or four were in the class we were seeking. We quickly noted where the herds were and moved on.

As mid-morning rolled around we finally spotted three antelope – two bucks and a doe, about a mile to the west and just within the boundaries of the ranch. Through the spotting scope, we could see the largest buck had a lot of black on top of his head. We decided a stalk was in order to better assess the buck’s potential.

The first half-mile of the stalk was quickly covered by walking close together in single file to try and simulate cows or other animals. As we neared the small group we hunched over and then painstakingly crawled the last 50 yards. Dan led the crawl and after what seemed like endless encounters with ant nests, sharp rocks, stickers and cactus spines we finally made it to a large clump of yucca, only to discover we still had over 500 yards to go. Using whispered tones and hand signals, we backed out the same way we had come and decided to try a more southern approach.

Wayne Mathis - Elation at High Noon

For a full account of Wayne's adventure, go to page 26 in the October/November 2013 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.