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Feb/Mar 2014 Issue of EHJ

Family Night - Arizona Strip Style by Lauren Christopher

Family Night - Arizona Strip Style

Lauren Christopher

February/March 2014 EHJ (Issue 141) - Growing up in what my husband considers "the city,” I had little to no experience with hunting, but I always loved camping. On the other hand, my husband, Chase Christopher, grew up in a small town in Texas where hunting was a way of life. When we met six years ago, he slowly introduced me to the world of hunting and promised me a few good camping trips along the way.

Fast-forward to 2013 and we now have a 2-year-old and brand new baby twins. Chase has been applying for the Arizona Strip for several years. Even though I only had a handful of points and not much free time, he decided to put me in as well. In an "against all odds” scenario, I drew the tag! Chase was ecstatic and so was I but I began to worry. I was thrilled for the family camping adventure but on the other hand, I was anxious about juggling childcare. It would be easy for Chase to be in charge of childcare but I am a novice hunter and really needed him to be with me.

After months of discussion, we finally ended up with a solid plan that included family and some of our dearest friends.

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G-Norm by Brittney Black


Brittney Black

I know what some of you might be thinking, "Isn’t this the same woman that just killed a giant desert ram in 2012 and now she’s holding a giant muley in ‘13?!” Some people have all the luck, I know, but it’s really not my fault! I enjoy hunting and I’ve killed some really nice animals over the years.

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Muley Mocha by Craig Ellenbolt

Muley Mocha

Craig Ellenbolt

My year started out pretty rough. A few days before we had the grand opening of our coffee shop that my wife Carrie was going to run, our family got the devastating news that our 7-year-old-son Kaden had muscular dystrophy. With 21 years in the fire service and being a member of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) my family had always supported the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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Sons & Smoke Poles by Kevin Holt

Sons & Smoke Poles

Kevin Holt

On November 15 my son and I headed for the mountains to start hunting the foothills just outside of town. We didn’t see anything that morning except a little buck and a doe so we headed back to the house to get some lunch. That evening we met up with my other son and headed out to a larger nearby drainage.

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Aussie in Alberta by Rob Lopardi

Aussie in Alberta

Rob Lopardi

Typically the phrase, "Are we there yet?” is something I ask myself several times on the lengthy journey from my home in Australia to the various wildernesses of North America. I live in a rural community in southern Australia approximately two hours east of Melbourne.

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Tag Team by Jake Selby

Tag Team

Jake Selby

"Why Wyoming?” is what a lot of people asked me when we put in for this hunt. I just kept saying, "Why not?” I have never really thought of Wyoming as being one of the best deer states. Yes, it has some places that produce consistently but not like some other states, and from what you hear, it’s nothing like it used to be. Well, you can’t always believe what you hear because Wyoming is now at the top of my list of places to hunt.

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"D" stands for deer by Tyler Donahue

"D" stands for deer

Tyler Donahue

From an early age my Dad exposed me to the outdoors and as a child I spent a lot of time daydreaming about hunting faraway places. I was in the fifth grade when this started to catch up with me and I was sent to my room after a particularly bad report card. I don’t remember exactly how bad, but I am told that my best grade was a D.

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Riding the Lightning by Kane Scott

Riding the Lightning

Kane Scott

This deer hunt started in July when I went up to meet my hunting buddy Josh for some preseason scouting. Every year at the beginning of July we load up the dirt bikes, spotting scopes, cameras and tents and head up to the hills, hoping to turn up some good bucks for the general season. Josh had gone up the day before, so when I arrived that evening he said he had something to show me and pulled out his camera.

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Vegetables to Venison by Sandi Dunn

Vegetables to Venison

Sandi Dunn

If anyone had told me back in 1998 I would be writing a story for Eastmans’ about a mule deer hunt, I would have laughed. I was 33 when I came to Wyoming from Wisconsin with a family member for a dude ranch vacation. It was there that I met my husband, Wes Dunn. He was a wrangler at the Box R Ranch in Cora, Wyoming.

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Deer, Deer - Everywhere! by Lester Stoltz

Deer, Deer - Everywhere!

Lester Stoltz

It was day 11 of the season and a lot of thoughts were going through my head. I had seen a lot of deer, but was I going to get one? Should I have shot the 4x4 I saw two days earlier? Many of the bucks I had spotted during this hunt were larger than any I had ever taken. Most would have been a trophy in my book, but I was trying to heed the advice of friends – wait for the snow to fall, let the rut really kick into gear and tag a really big buck.

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