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Apr/May 2014 Issue of EHJ

Where the Gods Dance by Cody Voermans

Where the Gods Dance

Cody Voermans

It was late afternoon on the sixth day of my 10-day combo hunt for moose and Dall’s sheep with Arctic Red River Outfitters. Strangely, I found myself resting comfortably in base camp. My feet were propped up on a wooden bench a few feet from a small stream and my hat brim was over my nose, shading the folded arms of pure relaxation.

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Slam-Man by Mike Torres


Mike Torres

I recently completed my Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep this past October and had a number of very memorable hunts in doing so. It started for me with a Dall’s sheep hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories in 1996. Outfitter Duane Nelson flew my friend Brian Sanders and me to his base camp on the Keele River and packed us on 14 horses for a combination hunt for Dall’s sheep and mountain caribou.

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Silver Lining in the Silver State by Ben Rossetto

Silver Lining in the Silver State

Ben Rossetto

For the second day we headed into the mountains in driving wind and sleet. The sunny weather was gone, as were some of the bigger rams in the unit. At least two rams left in the trucks of special tag holders before my season started. I was losing sleep over passing up a heavy-horned old ram with a chocolate cape on opening day, but there was still another ram we wanted to find.

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Family of Rams by Brett & Adam Kroger

Family of Rams

Brett & Adam Kroger

The three-hour stalk on a full curl ram was ending as I watched from a mile away. Adam, his uncle Bart and his cousin Blaine were picking their way along the steep mountain slope as the ram, still out-of-sight to their eyes, slowly grazed away from them.

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Being French in Alaska by Brad French

Being French in Alaska

Brad French

Darkness choked out the last bits of sunlight clinging to the hillside. The decision was made to make camp and the only suitable campsite lay on a timbered island surrounded by the rockslide. After 45 minutes of rain drenched gravel excavating the platform for our tent was finished. I fell asleep instantly.

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Black Hills Magic by Randy Schaefer

Black Hills Magic

Randy Schaefer

What event could threaten an overload to the cell service and email grid in South Dakota? How about calls and messages to friends and family from nearly 2,000 bighorn sheep tag applicants who all couldn’t believe their luck, as each of us received an email from the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Licensing Department that we had drawn one of the two available most coveted South Dakota big game tags? Yes, we were all notified that we were successful in the drawing.

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Nevada Snow by Scott Sampson

Nevada Snow

Scott Sampson

Living in the great state of Nevada my entire life, I applied each and every year for Nevada big game tags. As we finished up my online application process my son Kyler said, "Hey Dad, did you know you have 17 bonus points for desert sheep?” Wow, 17 straight years of applying for sheep.

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Hittin' The Breaks by Justin Parnell

Hittin' The Breaks

Justin Parnell

Yep, this story is going to start like the rest of them. I was at work, knowing that the drawing was going to happen any day and checking the online drawing stats hourly to see if I’d drawn. Finally, at noon it showed up online and I could not believe my eyes; I had drawn a bighorn sheep tag for the most coveted area in Montana, Area 680.

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River Dall's by Bralli Lynch

River Dall's

Bralli Lynch

Life-changing events: graduation from college, starting a career, getting married, the birth of a child and Dall's sheep hunting. Although to most people a hunt wouldn't make the list of life-changing events, my August 2013 hunt was just that - life changing.

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419 Inches and a Wolf by Bill Phifer

419 Inches and a Wolf

Bill Phifer

The only thing I could see were the tips of his antlers sticking above the brush. At a range of only 40 yards, it seemed incredible that an Alaskan moose could hide so well. The anticipation was beginning to take a toll on my nerves.

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Dogfight by Nick Rendo


Nick Rendo

A few months prior to the season, I sustained a back injury on base while moving some ammo cans around. Three herniated discs in my back really set me back a few steps for the backcountry hunts we had planned. Add that to the upper respiratory infection and below freezing temperatures, and it looked like all my preparation was not enough for the obstacles I was about to face.

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Bug-Eyed by Mike Deming


Mike Deming

Growing up in the great state of Colorado and born into a family of hunters allowed me to see a lot of really big deer hit the ground. The garage was full of racks from big bucks taken back in the ‘50s, ‘60s and early ‘70s. I loved to go out to the garage and pull them out of the rafters and hear my great uncle’s stories about each one.

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