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Eastmans Hunting Journal - EHJ 162: Gear Lab - Taking Stock The Title



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EHJ 162: Gear Lab - Taking Stock

If you’re anything like me, settling for “good enough” isn’t an option. Not in my work and not in my play, play in this case being rifles. When it comes to rifles, whether used for hunting or target shooting, Col. Townsend Whelen summed it up best when he said, “Only accurate rifles are interesting.” Thus it is that we find ourselves delving into the labyrinth of how to squeeze every Minute Of Angle of accuracy potential from a factory rifle. Much like houses, rifles are only as good as their foundations, that being the stock when talking about rifles. Getting back to the “good enough” comment above, why settle when a simple and affordable accurizing option is to swap out your rifle’s factory stock with a custom stock from a company that specializes in stock building? With that being said, let’s take a quick look at some options that Col. Whelen himself would have loved to have at his disposal.