View Full Version : Colorado 21 Archery

07-31-2011, 05:39 PM
My son has drawn a Colorado 21 archery deer tag, and I am hoping someone may be willing to share some information or experience with the hunt. We live in eastern Utah, and he has scouted a fair amount, but would like to maximize the oppurtunity. We know the Utah Book Cliffs fairly well, but have little experience in Colorado. We just got back from the area near the Utah border, and he will probably spend part of the hunt there. We've also did some scouting around Douglas Pass. I've heard that there can be problems with archery and muzzleloader Elk hunters during parts of the season. He is an experienced motivated hunter, but is fairly new to bow hunting. If anyone would be willing to share information, no matter how generally, it would be appreciated. Reply either on the board or as a PM. Thanks, BucDoc