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08-17-2012, 02:26 PM
I am bow hunting for caribou in Alaska in Sept. I have heard several people say that all arrows must have your name and license number on them. I have looked on online and have not found anything about that. If anyone has any information on this i would appreciate it. Thanks.

08-17-2012, 05:02 PM
worst case scenario sharpee them on the vanes... but I doubt that's a regulation...

good luck!

are you hunting from the highway with a bow? ie the haul road?

08-17-2012, 05:18 PM
Unless there are some restrictions on federal land or a military reservation that I am unaware of, you are not required to put information on your arrows. The only things published in the current regulation book that apply to caribou hunting would be a minimum peak draw weight of 40 pounds. The arrow must be 300 grains or heavier, 20" or more in length and the broadhead can't be "barbed". Mechanical/retractable broadheads are now allowed, which is new this year.
Where is hunt going to be?
Best of luck with it.

08-21-2012, 03:19 PM
Thanks for the info guys. We are flying out of Kotz.