View Full Version : CO Drop Camp Advice?

09-18-2012, 07:42 PM
Planning a 2013 elk hunt for 4 hunters...looking a drop camp options in CO...any recommendations? Prefer OTC archery units.

Have contacted Old Time Outfitting, who operates camps in CO GMU 44,444, 47 -- anyone with experience with this outfit or hunting in these units?

dying to kill
09-26-2012, 07:56 PM
yes i hunted with old time last year , did not bring home an elk but highly recommend them if we would have listened to the guy who packed us in and hunted the spots he told us we prob would have but we didnt pay much attention to him and were bumping elk. seen prob 5 bulls total none never worked out tho i did the 2 hunter camp on second rifle in burke camp i think he puts the 4 man camps in good spots as well they killed several bulls and bucks out of the other camps also we hunted the whole season i wouldnt recommend over 7 days , simply cuz the spots are good but the elk know wuts goin on after that long, im not goin back my next hunt cuz i got a good spot in new mexico im holdin out for but none the less a very good drop camp, hope this is helpfull