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09-21-2012, 05:36 PM
I am From Texas - i am a Outfitter/guide as a living as well as Capture/transporting/stocking exotic game ranches with live animals ...

BUT --- i Know nothing about Wyoming, Draw tags, OTC Tags, Units, etc.. etc..
being from Texas - everything is private land, and we get 5 deer tags, 2 turkey tags every year with a license purchase.
So, states like WY, NM, CO, AZ etc.. is completly new to me ..
and very confusing.

This is what i have learned -- PLEASE correct me if i am wrong
I THINK I have figured out the maps --

1)the Yellow is Public Land for any one with a Tag - but NO CAMPING allowed
2) yellow/white checkerboard -- public and private .are these all easily accessable public land at the "Corners" ??

question #1 -- which colored areas on the map , is camping allowed?
i would assume its smart to find a big yellow BLM area, close to an area where i can camp out

question #2 -- I understand that ATV or VEHICLES are not allowed in yellow areas? are all yellow BLM Walk in only?
or am i wrong here?

#3 -- what areas are vehicles allowed??

THE HUNT -- I would not be very picky my 1st trip out -- not "needing" a 70, 75, 80 class Antelope on the 1st trip --
i have been told that an "AVERAGE" Example of a Buck - would score around 60-65 ? is this correct?
i assume these would be your typical bucks seen off the highway , that could at least "set the standard" for my future trips to hunt antelope. im hoping to put a average buck on the wall -- then have something to beat the next year, after i have learned more about this WY Process.

I am looking for info on which zones would be good to apply for a buck tag.
an area with easy access, and a High chance for a non resident to draw a buck tag and at least get a shot at an average buck. or even areas to purchase a tag over the counter?

any info appreciated

Colorado Cowboy
09-21-2012, 07:04 PM
I sent you a PM.

09-21-2012, 07:30 PM
Welcome to the forum. There are alot of great people on this site. The first thing I would do is get on the WY website and see if you can still buy a point for next year. Good luck!

09-21-2012, 08:48 PM
i will do that - if i can ...
i had assumed that I needed to know which unit/areas i was going to hunt -- before buying points?
or can i buy the points and then decide later which unit to apply for?

Colorado Cowboy
09-21-2012, 09:27 PM
Points apply to any unit/anytime you decide to use them. Treat them just like a savings account...save, then withdraw.:D

09-21-2012, 10:27 PM
Got that part done - bought a Point

09-22-2012, 06:54 AM
On your map, the green areas are foret service, the blue is state land, and the yellow is BLM. You are able to access all these areas for hunting. Wyoming does not allow camping on any state lands. You are allowed to camp on forest service and most BLM areas. There are some restrictions depending on the area you are at for BLM. Just call the office for the area you are heading to to find out if camping is allowed on BLM or not.

Umpqua Hunter
09-22-2012, 01:37 PM
Subscribe to Eastman's and get their MRS (member research section). In the January issue there is a great breakdown for antelope units. This is a great resource for a newcomer.

There are tons of 70" antelope in the better units in the state, units Eastman's rates "blue" (best) or "green" (next best).

Don't try to cross at corners in checkerboard ownership, that's a good way to get a ticket. There are a lot of units with lots of BLM land (yellow). You also need to be on county roads (with a county road number) when driving through private land.

Many units have tons walk-in hunting on private land. The state sets that up with the landowners and it is on the Wyoming Game and Fish website.

09-22-2012, 02:34 PM
i appreciate all the info - i feel like a learned a years worth of info in just two days

09-22-2012, 05:28 PM
You will want to take notice that prices for non-resident license might be going up in the near future. You will have a chance next year for sure if you enter the special draw for an average buck. If, you follow the MRS in Eastman's you will 'figure it out'