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08-01-2013, 07:11 AM
Hello I'm new to the forum but looking for information on the Kaycee WY area.
I've got Unit 21 Antelope & Unit Y Mule Deer for this Oct, never been to WY so really looking for some local knowledge to point me in the right direction.
Ive hunted all over the West & Canada but never WY & super excited about my up comming hunt. Anyone willing to give me some pointers?

Umpqua Hunter
08-01-2013, 09:00 AM
Welcome to the forum sdeshazo.

Topgun 30-06
08-01-2013, 10:27 AM
I wish I could help you regarding your questions, but I'd be giving the same information I have already to several different people on various websites and if I give it to anyone else there will be people parked on top of each other! All I can tell you is get a Garmin GPS and landowner chip if you don't have one already so you know where you are out there, besides having a good BLM paper map. The south and southeastern part of 21 have plenty of access off the county roads into BLM to kill an antelope if you do your homework. For deer I'd go way north of there up in deer units 32 and 33 and the south central part of 30 around the Mayoworth area and get way back in the BLM off the roads into the rougher country to get away from hunters and you'll see deer. The main thing is to make sure you don't cross private land to access BLM out there because there is a lot of landlocked BLM that is good, but can't be accessed unless you obtain permission from the adjoining ranch owners. Just because you're on a road that looks decent doesn't mean it's public and even if it is in certain areas it may not be for it's entire length. The GPS and chip will save you a lot of grief and greatly help in not trespassing.