View Full Version : New to Hunting and looking for a mentor.

08-19-2013, 08:38 AM
Hi my name is Charles and I am pretty new to hunting...I got my first deer and pig last year in A zone out of Ukiah and also got a bear in Shasta County....I used a guide service and to put it nicely it was a lot of money for not very much help or a very good experience at all for that matter....lodging was horrible, food was even worse and the price was outrageous...I would have ate and slept better by bringing my own tent and food... I did tag out but it was more of me doing the work, I spotted the pig and deer on my own...then actually being "guided"...but anyways after the disappoint of using a guided service last year this year I am going to be hunting DIY and have an Archery Only tag and d-16 tag...I plan on trying d-14 for my AO tag as it is the closest to home...my main question is are there any hunters out there willing to help a new guy out and maybe let me tag along with you this season to try and learn how to hunt better? ....I would be very appreciated and would even compensate you for your time and effort to help me learn...thank you for any help and may everyone have a great season

P.S. or if anyone knows of any reputable guide services in the so cal area, especially that cater to bow hunting...this will be my first year bow hunting and I am very excited to try and arrow a buck..lol...size doesn't matter to me I am more into learning how to find bucks and deer in general while on public land and in the future will focus on trophies...thanks again

08-19-2013, 08:50 AM
A good way for you to network with local bowhunters would be to shoot winter archery leagues at your local bow shop and summer 3D tournaments. Not only will you meet a lot of experienced archer/hunters, but you will also become a better archer yourself.

I wish I could help you, but I am in MN. I hope you find someone who can share some tricks of the trade. If nothing else, just get out there and do it, experience teaches more than anything else.