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  1. extreme alaskan outfitter frame pack....

    Looking at this pack in cabelas and looks to be a good one. says its only 4700 cubic inches and i seen a lot of people posting that 5000 should be a minimum....anyone use this pack or one close to it?
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    Oh yeah....I reload the swift scroccio 100gr with...

    Oh yeah....I reload the swift scroccio 100gr with 75gr of RL25....three shot average was 3710fps threw the conograph....I had a 25-06 and was very happy with the results from it. I ended up getting a...
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    What is the best cal for mule deer

    Planning a mule deer hunt and would like to know what is the best cal for hunting mule deer. I plan on taking my 257 wby mag....I reload for it and it is devastating to whitetail but mule deer are a...
  4. Thanks guys....been looking at some...

    Thanks guys....been looking at some gear....backpacks, boots, tents....any suggestions?
  5. Planning mule deer hunt for 2015....need help

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and this is my first and 3 buddy are planning a mule deer hunt for 2015 in Montana or Wyoming.started doing some looking into some info a couple weeks ago, we...
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