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  1. ShaneVG's 2012 WA Deer Hunting season video

    It's a long one but a fun one. Highlights of my 2012 hunting season starting with June/July scouting and ending with a 3 point blacktail in late October.

  4. Congrats, those are some great animals! Dream...

    Congrats, those are some great animals! Dream hunting season for most anyone on this forum!
  5. Washington State Black Bear down (October 2012) - video+pics

    I got this bear last week Wednesday but wasn't able to get all the pics and video edited until last night. Not a big bear by any means but I have two tags for a reason! It's also just been a very...
  6. Washington State Archery Mountain Goat Success

    Not my goat - but a friend of mine got lucky enough to draw a WA state goat tag. Unfortunately, I was unable to join him on the hunt but I was able to edit his video footage for him. Thought you...
  7. Help me win a trip to New Zealand!!! Most votes win!

    Please vote for me and my hunting partner to help us win a 10 day New Zealand hunt from Cabelas! You can vote once per day in the...
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    What an awesome buck! I saw your video on...

    What an awesome buck! I saw your video on YouTube as well, looks like a fun hunt!
  9. More pics.232523262327

    More pics.232523262327
  10. More pics. 23202321232223232324

    More pics.

  11. More pics. 23152316231723182319

    More pics.

  12. November 2011 Colorado Mule Deer Hunt - 5 bucks down (video and pictures)

    Well, finally getting around to posting up a trip report of our Colorado deer hunting trip. With the holidays and late season archery hunting it took me a while to finally get the video and all the...
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    Another Washington black bear down (vdeo)

    Here is a video of my buddies hunt from yesterday. Enjoy!
  14. Washington state back country DIY black bear hunt video

    Thought you might enjoy the video of the black bear hunt my brother and I went on a couple of weekends ago. It was a true back country DIY adventure!
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    Washington state Chowder Ridge goat hunt

    I was able to help out one of the Washington state goat tag holders this year. I thought you might enjoy the video.
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