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    Lightbulb Burris Spotter

    Anyone own or use a Burris land mark 15x45x60mm or the Burris high country 15x45x50mm, 20x60x60mm spotting scope? I have a limmited use for one here in WA state but could use one for my upcoming antelope and deer hunt in WY this fall. They seem to have very decent optics and got very good reviews by their owners. I can borrow a Nikon spotter from a friend here at work, but for less than $200, I could have one of these.

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    I would recommend checking out this spotter, if you can swing an extra few bucks:

    Unfortunately it looks like they are temporarily sold out.

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    If you can try one out before you buy it and are happy with it, i would say go for it man. It will be better than nothing. Alot of guys recommend saving up for a good one right away but sometimes funds don't allow or maybe you don't use it enough to spend 1000+ on a spotter. Reviews really do help with making a decision as well. In a review theres nothing to win or lose so you can pretty much depend on what people have experienced...good luck



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