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    Region H- Upper Hoback Canyon

    I have been looking hard at a Region H deer tag and possibly a Gen Elk tag. I am hoping that I can draw these often enough to hunt that area most years as a 2nd choice and still build points. I already have 2 points and don't want to burn them on a tag I can draw as a 2nd choice. I have been looking specifically at Unit 153 deer and Unit 86 elk in upper Hoback canyon (SW of Bondurant). I know the deer hunting there is excellent, but not sure how the elk hunting is. Also what is the likelihood of drawing a Region H as a second choice?

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    You need at least one point to draw for Region H deer for a sure thing, not sure about the second choice deal but there are never any leftovers. 86 elk I'm sure is decent hunting i used to deliver FedEx up the Upper Hoback Road in Bondurant which is in 86 and looks like good elk country, saw elk in there during winter months. Always wanted to check it out but there's never enough time.

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    It's pretty good elk country - if you're expecting 350 plus you might find one every 10 years or so. You've got a good chance at a bull every year, and once you figure it out, probably a small 6 point.
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