I posted this on ifish but thought I should put it up on here too.

It looks to me like the board of the Grant County Wildlife Advisory Committee must be a little heavy with ranchers. I don't hunt elk in Murderers Creek much but from what I have seen there are a lot less than there used to be. Are either of these units even near the management objective?

I could be wrong but this seems like a pretty obvious case of a special interest group trying to screw up our hunting??? Anybody know anything about the "Grant County Wildlife Advisory Committee"?

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Contact: Ryan Torland (541) 575- 575-1167 or
Michelle Dennehy (503) 947-6022

August 22, 2011

Changes to Grant County elk hunting proposed

JOHN DAY, Ore.The Grant County Wildlife Advisory Committee has recommended several changes to elk hunting that will increase hunting opportunity for the purpose of bringing elk populations back down to their target levels.

The changes would require Fish and Wildlife Commission approval and wont take effect until the 2012 hunting season. The Commission will adopt 2012 big game regulations at their Oct. 7 meeting in Pendleton.

ODFW is asking for feedback on the proposed changes. People can send comments to ODFW.Comments@state.or.us or mail them to ODFW, John Day Field Office, PO Box 9, John Day, Ore. 97845. Call Ryan Torland at ODFWs Canyon City field office, tel. 541 575 1167, for more information.

The proposals follow. All tag numbers for 2012 are preliminary. Final tag numbers will not be set until June 2012 at the Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting.

Northside Unit
Increase the 247 Northside Unit from 400 to 500 tags.

Increase tags for 247A1 Northside Private Lands No. 1 and 247A2 Northside Private Lands No. 2 from 100 to 200 tags in each hunt.

Change the hunt date on 247E East Northside Private to be Aug.1 to March 31 numbers (currently Aug. 1-Sept. 30).

Change hunt dates on 247D2 W Grant Private No. 2 to be Oct. 1 to March 31 and increase tags to 500 (currently Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 126 tags).

Delete 247D3 W Grant Private No. 3.

Murderers Creek
Increase 246A West Murderers Creek tags from 350 to 450.

Increase 246B East Murderers Creek tags from 250 to 300.

Increase 246C Flagtail tags from 300 to 400.

Change hunt dates on 246 Murderers Creek Private lands Plus to include the months of December and January.

Increase the hunt area for the Flat Creek Youth 246T2 hunt to include all of the Phillip W. Schneider Area and increase tag to 30.

Youth Hunt change

Delete 246T1 Grant Youth Hunt and replace with Desolation Youth Hunt (10 tags) and a new Northside/Murderers Creek youth hunt (50 tags)

The Grant County Wildlife Advisory Committee is a panel of local hunters, landowners, and interested persons that advise ODFW on wildlife issues. The committee is appointed by the Grant County Court.

ODFW has target population numbers, called management objectives, for elk populations. The goal in setting these objectives is an elk population that provides optimum levels of hunting, wildlife viewing and outdoor recreation while considering primary land uses, such as agriculture and ranching.

Oregon Elk Management Plan


Something seems really fishy about this proposal but I could be wrong......just throwing it out there in case people want to comment. Sounds like the ODFW wants to hear from hunters to me.....