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    Question About "The Rules"

    1) "Use of the forum or any of its features (such as personal messaging) to verbally attack, insult, slander, slur degrade, defame or threaten any individual will not be tolerated. Forum members agree to keep all content civil and respectful at all times. If a member is reported to have done any of the aforementioned acts, it will be at the Moderator’s discretion to deal with the member."

    So being called a redneck fool who can't read isn't enough of an attack to close a thread?

    The admin had to wait until I called him a Nancy?
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    It is possible that the admin didn't read through the thread and notice the comments made about you until after the comments were made by you and those were indeed the posts that got the thread deleted.

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    Have some humble pie, it never killed anyone yet. Let it lie and get on with life. These forums are not ours but Eastmans. If we are not behaving and acting in a manner conducive of the Eastmans way of hunting, and if and when that behavior impacts the forums and results in less than adult maturity and comments, they will continue to remove and close threads and comments to prevent further escalation of the non compliant behavior.

    Eastmans has never condoned long range pursuit, high fence hunting, or controversial methods....EVER. To each hunter their own. However as I stated above, its their house not ours. We are welcome here when we follow the rules, AND conduct ourselves in respectful behavior that is recognized as the Eastman Way.

    There are plenty of other web forums out their that can be found to congratulate you on your "achievments". Please take a moment and recognize this forum in not accepting of the style of hunt, the immature actions, the continued argument about forum management's decision, and the abusive comments by any and all members that were involved. The case was decided and closed.

    I acknowledge I am only a member and not an admin or moderator, so my comments remain as my own. Those that agree can thank the post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolftalonID View Post

    We are welcome here when we follow the rules, AND conduct ourselves in respectful behavior that is recognized as the Eastman Way.
    Please refrain from writing disparaging remarks on this forum. Any and all posts and threads that break the rules will be subject to removal based on the discretion of the moderators.
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    Can we please just drop it and let it go?!!!
    Holy crap.



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