I'm getting pumped for my October hunt and fixing to begin shooting my rifle at some longer distances. Is there a standard that any of you use when it comes to using a muley's body as a holdover reference? I did a search and saw 15" from withers to brisket on a couple sites. That seems a touch small to me...? I don't even think our blacktails are that small. I know different areas in the west have different sized deer. I will be hunting in Nevada. My best guess would be somewhere in the 22-25" range but I know a lot of you would know better than me as you get to see and kill muleys more often.

Example: At 400 yards at 8,000 ft elevation my bullet will drop 15", so if a muley has a 25" deep body and its a fairly level shot, I will know to hold about 2/3 of a body above the kill zone.

Anyone ever measured one or use this method with an estimated average number?