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    I have two SPS SS rifles, sporter 22-250 and 308 Varmint. I must have gotten lucky, because both of them are shooters. The 22-250 is a coyote rifle. With 50gr Nosler BTs and H380 it is consistently sub MOA. Never did a thing to that rifle. My brother and a buddy have the same rifles. However, my buddy wasn't so lucky. He had an MOA or slightly above rifle, with the same load I am using. He had to mess with the stock a bit to get it to shoot, but now it's a shooter. Didn't take much work.

    The 308 I have came from him. He's a far better shooter than I. When he got it he dropped it into an unbedded MCM stock and got to load testing. He was shooting amazing groups with it. I'm not even going to tell you what they were, because nobody would believe me. He does his load testing at 300yds. Anyways, he sold it to me for some reason (wishes he had that one back) and bought another factory 308. His new rifle wasn't a shooter and he ended up selling it.

    Point I'm trying to make is Remington is very hit and miss. I love Remingtons, and will for the most part only buy them. I've gotten to the point that I don't mind sticking some time into them if they happen to be a "bad one" right out of the box. And they have a plethora of aftermarket parts which I find really attractive.

    If your intentions are to buy a rifle and improve on it; stock, trigger, etc. I can't think of a better starter than the SPS SS.

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    As a previous poster mentioned, nothing wrong with Remington 700's; its just there are options out there that might be better. Compare a weatherby vanguard s2 with the sps and see if you can tell a difference in workmanship. Tikka and Weatherby both offer accuracy guarantees with factory ammo and while you certainly can work on a rifle to "get it to shoot" why should you have too? I wouldn't buy a car and then immediately take it to a mechanic to "get it to run". My biggest gripe with big green is their customer service.

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    I love Remingtons, but I also love working on guns. Some shoot right away, but some need a little tender loving care.

    I think you have a much better shot at getting a Tikka, Savage, or Vanguard shooting tight straight out of the box, though.

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    I think quality control has decreased over the years. Read " best procedure for mounting a base" to see what I've been dealing with. I bought that exact gun in a 300rum in January. Maybe I did get a lemon but after what is happening when I tried to get it fixed I'm done with factory Remingtons.



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