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    DIY Elk Rifle help

    I would really like to do a DIY rifle elk hunt in Wyoming but live two states away. I am planning ahead for 2013 and buying points now, but looking for some help on what I should start doing now. The MRS is pointing me the direction of the Cody area for good bulls, but I have been told the western edge of the state is easier for non resident public land options. I would be hiking in or ATV. I am planning a scouting trip ahead of time but need to narrow it down to where. I would hate to draw a tag in an area that has limited hunting opportunity. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Remember that the western side of the state by Cody has a lot of wilderness areas. Nonresidents are required to have a licensed buide or outfitter to be able to hunt there. You may also want to check out the sierra madres or the snowy mtn areas for elk. Just another option. The black hills area has great potential but access to public land is very limited in places. Just make sure you really research your areas and make sure you arent in any wilderness areas or you could be paying for a guide as well.

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    How many points do you have now?
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