How about a little discussion on the topic of Broadheads - Mechanical vs. Fixed for Elk. I would like to get some thought on this since I've used both and swore I'd never go back to Mechanical for elk. 4 - 5years ago I had a bull come in to me at 30 yards broadside and I stuck him right behind the front shoulder at the elbow. I was using the NAP Spitfire (mechanical) at the time and was shocked that it only went in as far as it did (12 -16"). The bull just stood there and looked at the arrow and then walked off. To make a long story short, we never found the bull dead and the blood trail poor. At that point I went back to a fixed blade and went with the G5 Montec. 2 years ago I stuck a 5 pnt at 60 yrds and it went less than 30 yrds piled up in site, blood pouring out. I was sold. Last week, using the same G5 Montec I stuck a bull at 20 yrds broadside, double lung, no pass through (broadhead was hung up on the hide). The blood trail was poor at best only a few drops here and there and basically had to trail him by disturbed ground. He went 125 yrds and piled up and wasn't hard to find since the area was pretty open.

Anyway, the guys I hunt with both use Grim Reaper (Mechanical). They were ribbing me about the small head (100 grain G5) that I've been using and the small cutting surface. Yes it is a small head and surface but I've been happy with them and have no intention to going to mechanical.

Let's hear some thoughts out there. Remember this if for Elk only.