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    Elk - A tough animal

    2 weeks ago I was able to harvest a really nice bull in Wyoming with my bow. Friday went to get my meat from the butcher and he said he found my broadhead. I told him I found my broadhead after the kill in the chest cavity. He said this broadhead was buried in the front lower shoulder, just above the elbow. When I was qrtring him on the hill I noticed a hole in his shoulder with a growth around the hole and just thought it was wound from another bull in the past. I guess that was a broadhead instead. It must have been there for a year or two, he walked with no noticibale limp and when he bolted after the shot he moved just fine. Tough animals. By the way it was a Muzzy head, blades bent some from hitting the bone.

    I've heard of others finding old broadheads in elk before but this was a first for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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