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ID:	2115My buddy and I were on his elk hunt. He killed a 350 bull. When we go to him we saw how bad of shape he was in. We decided that he was in a bad fight with another bull or Mt lion. He had multiple puncture wounds in his chest and front legs. He was very sick. When we quartered him it was pretty gross. But we felt we had to take everything and pack him out. We had to make the decision to call Fish n Game and tell them what happen and try to get maybe a cow tag since the meat was greenish and was just sickening and risk them taking the head, horns, and meat and give him a new tag. We decided not to call if fear of them taking the whole thing. You can see in the pics he was skin and bones. We couldnt tell he was sick from were we saw him. We waitede for 2hrs for him to stand up out of his bed before my buddy shot him. I guess the bright side is he didnt have to suffer anymore.
    We didn't find any broad heads but we though he may have been shot with a rifle. There was a big scab on his right shoulder but we couldn't tell for sure.
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