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Thread: 2012 Plans

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    I'm from WA and still have yet to draw a late mule deer buck tag. I have 10pts. And its been 7 years since I drew a antlered elk tag. One of these years I hope to get a good late mule deer tag.

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    I'm probably not going west in 2012, hopefully I can hunt deer within a 1/2 day drive of Michigan.

    However, I'm going to be very active in points:

    Colorado Elk Point #12
    Maine Moose Point #7
    New Hampshire Moose Point #2
    Vermont Moose Point #2
    Wyoming Elk Point #2

    I plan to get into the deer and antelope point game soon for Colorado and Wyoming, however probably not yet.

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    CA - Points + maybe an A or X zone
    OR - May get an elk tag, things are in the works.
    CO - points
    WY - points

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    I will be heading to Woyming again this year for Antelope & Deer. Have the max PPT's for each and should get all the tags I apply for.
    Elk here in Co....a leftover cow tag. Will apply for PPT's for Deer, Antelope & Elk. Apply for a Desert Bighorn tag (a crap shoot!) Apply for Moose (for PPT). Am also setting up a 2013 Elk hunt to NM.

    Forgot to add this: Heading to Texas in April for Rio Grandes and hogs. Shot a Rio last year theat weighed #23 (after it was gutted), 10 1/2 beard and 1 1/2 spurs. Really nice bird. Also got several hod, which are really good eating animals!
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    CA - Put in for deer special draw probably end up with a general tag and pick up a bear tag. Put in for elk, antelope, and sheep all a crap shoot.
    CO - Points for deer
    WY - Put in for antelope. Points for deer and elk.



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