Im in need of a new spotter thats light weight. Ive been lugging around a wind river sequoia 15-45x60. Its heavy and I cant use it much past 30 power anyways, and at low light its useless. I just cant justify toting it along when it weighs as much as it does and it doesnt give me much use. But on the other hand, ive been hunting the back country and its too dam big to not have a spotter.

Ive read this review

I already new the ed50 is the best out there but a bit out of my price range, Ive found a few refurbished ones for under 500 (my price range) but im not sure what to think about the refurbished models.

I thought that the Leupold Compact would have been a lot closer to the ed50 than what the review said, I was dissapointed to see that because thats what I originally planned on.

the minox md50 seemed to be the ticket it was cheaper than the leupold while also being optically better. It was a little bit heavier but not by much.

Are there any other light weight spotting scopes out there that im missing? Do you feel like this review is incorrect in anyway from your personal in-the-field experience? Any other suggestions are welcome