This question is posed to you older hunters...Does it seem like there are less tags available given the way most states now conduct their draws/lotteries?

I have been hunting big game for 58 years in California, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona. It seems to me that every year it takes more preference points to draw tags for most of the good (I did not say bluechip or great) units. When I moved to Colorado 11 years ago, it took 4 or 5 pts to draw an antelope tag in NW Colorado. I have 11 pts now and it takes 15! Same thing for the areas I normally like to hunt in Wyoming. Also very hard to draw some of the X zone tags in California. Forget elk in Arizona where I've killed some great bulls in the past. I'm 70 now and a lot of the areas I've hunted before I will never live long enought to hunt them again.

We keep reading that there are fewer hunters every year. Don't seem like it to me.