I by no means need any more guns, since I have 5 shotguns and 12 rifles, but I am looking at selling or trading some in for a cailber I've always wanted. I'm looking into .308s. The sheer number of loads and bullet types is awesome, and you can have a lot of fun with them if you go the military surplus route.

So my question is this. I've nailed it down to the Remington Mod 700 VTR, the Tikka T3, and the Thompson Center Venture.

I've been a Winchester guy my entire life. I own 6 Model 70s and have one Remington that was discontinued in the 60s. I hear nothing but good things about all of those I listed, but I'm just wanting to see if any of you have experience with any of them. I'm leaning towards the Mod 700 coming from a military family, but I'm open to suggestions.