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    This is a great thread! I have never had a life threatening injury while I was out hunting but I am a HUGE klutz so I am just waiting for the day.. I go out shed hunting and hunting a lot alone and so I am seriously considering getting a "SPOT." Anyone use one?

    I am going to get a PLB, and i have done a lot of research on them, i would never buy a Spot, one thing is the yearly activation fee of about $120.00, and 90% of the reviews on them are Bad, from the research i have done, the ACR ResQlink is one of the best, there is NO activation Fee, and they work in heavy cover, the Spot doesn't. from what i have seen, the average price for one is about $275.00.

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    Some of these storied made me pretty queasy! You think you're a tough guy until you really consider.
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    I agree with Buckykm1, a 406 beacon is the way to go. The upfront costs of a PLB seem like more but after a few years of SPOT subscriptions the PLB costs less. Not to mention the PLB 406 beacon has far better coverage worldwide and in a variety of situations. They work betterin terrain and thick cover. Plus most national SAR assets(ie Coast guard, Airforce, etc) are more than familiar with the PLB and how to use the information.
    Most if not all military pilots fly with a 406 beacon of some sort. i know in the navy our emergency radio in our flight vest has a 406 beacon in it.



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