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Thread: Broadheads

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    I use NAP Scorpion XP heads, and have killed a lot of critters with them. They are tough, and reliable. I have had sharpness issues with them, sometimes being dull as a butter knife right out of the box, but if they are, I just sharpen them. The Montec is an awesome head, but I have been unable to re-sharpen them, even with the official Montec diamond stone. Can't help but notice an absence of Muzzy users here, and considering my experiences with the way they fly, I'm not surprised.
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    I've used the G5 Montec 100gr. for 5-6 years and have never had an arrow stop at a deer. Always stuck in something beyond the other side. I had a really jumpy whitetail doe jump the string on me once and spined her. It destroyed her backbone(looked like a bullet had hit it) and buried in the ground on the other side. Ran it on a stone and used it again. You'll never get them super razor sharp but I've never seen anything short of a tree stop them either. PLUS they always fly as true as my fieldpoints which makes me happy and confident.
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    I used the G5 Montec on two elk last year. Both were complete pass thoughs with dead elk in less than 25 yards. I've also had very good success with Muzzy 100 grain 4 blades. Both shoot as close to field points as any broadhead I have ever seen.



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