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    Buy it, great gun.

    Here is how I ended up switching to the 7mm sendero. We were on a DIY elk/deer hunt in Colorado, and something got knocked loose on my 7mm Weatherby. My dad and brother each had 7mm sendero's, and bro let us take his as the backup gun. We always wanted to have a sendero as a backup because they are extremely accurate and it is possible to find ammo if in a pinch. I used the 7mm sendero on that trip and never looked back. A little heavy? Sure. Tack driver? Yep. Took an elk at 400 yards and a mule deer at 330 yards last fall.

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    .338 Mag on a Remington action for sure. Best elk round made IMO.

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    to the original poster of this thread. IS there enough of a difference between the 270 wsm and the 300 wsm to have both?



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