What would be your ideal rifle for hunting elk where both hikes and shots can be long?

I am going to build one before fall of 2012 and with the waits from barrel companies I figured I should get that part started soon. Also this rifle will be expensive, so if I sell a couple other ones this year and start buying parts now I can spread out the cost. I figured I'd list what I was thinking of and see what others favorites were.

I have a browning A-bolt in 270WSM that I like really well for deer, especially the tang safety. For elk I'd like to start with an A-bolt action and build a 300WSM. Other components would be 24" Kreiger #2 barrel, Mcmillian Hunters Edge ultralight stock, Leupold 4.5x14 CDS scope, 2lb trigger spring kit, and Vias removable muzzle brake. I'd get the twist to shoot 180gr accubonds and work up a load that pushed them around 3000fps. The velocity and ballistic coefficient would be real close to that of my 270WSM load with 140gr accubonds to keep switching rifles simple.

What are your dream rifles?