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Thread: Gettin fit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Root View Post
    If you want to see an inspiring hunter and a guy who works out in order to hunt. Check out this clip by Cameron Hanes. Very Motivating! Train Hard, Hunt Easy

    Beast Mode Training & Hunting
    Looks like Nate Simmons and Cam are hanging out. Anybody know if they are planning on getting together and starting something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceby7 View Post
    Looks like Nate Simmons and Cam are hanging out. Anybody know if they are planning on getting together and starting something?
    I noticed that as well and I sure hope so.

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    I approach fitness on a different level that a lot of you. I am 70 years old, a former college football player and lifelong hunter/outdoorsman. I had a very successful career and had little time for excersize. I let my weight get up to 300# at one time. I retired at 58 and moved to Colorado and started to really get a handle on my fitness. I saw my Dr, went to a local gym and hired a personal trainer so I could get started and set realistic goals. After several years my weight was down to 230 and I was working out every day. I concentrate on stretching/flexibility and cardio. Don't do much weight training as I am pretty muscular and don't need it. I spend about 1 1/2 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week at the gym. Up to I/2 hour stretching/flex (depends on how I feel), 1 hr on the treadmiull (I use hill climb mode) and finish with 10/15 mins on the eliptical trainer. During the summer (as a buildup to hunting season), I cut my gym time down to 45 mins 4 to 5 time/wk and do a lot of hiking and walking I don't do any running/jogging as I have e replacement knee and my Dr recommends against it. I usually walk 5 miles that has uphill/downhill. I live within 1/2 hour of some great mt hiking trails.

    My goal is to get down to 200#. Last fall to celebrate my 70th BD, I went on a wilderness elk trip that had a 33 mile 9+ hour horseback ride just to get to camp.I had a blast and kept up with all the guys 1/2 my age!. Everyone needs to tailor a workout program to fit THEM. Spend some of your $$$ to at least get started with a personal trainer and most of all, see your Dr first and tell him/her what you are planning to do.

    Just my opinion...from an old (mountain) goat!
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    In order to stay fit I take a kettlebell class 3 times a week which focuses on strength, flexibility and endurance while using principles of P90x of muscle confusion. It is a total body workout and different each class. It also incorporates functional strength and not building muscle just for looks. I also eat well and don't go a day without my juiceplus. I try to eat a diet of mainly fruits vegetables and lean meats while also striving to achieve a diet high in fiber. I will also run ,swim, hike and do other workouts 1 to 2 times a week.



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