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    Juniper Muzzeloader info

    I am planning on putting in for the Juniper Muzzelloader controlled hunt. I know the odds for successful draw are not good without a lot of points. Just looking for info from those that have had successful hunts in this unit. I am willing to hike to for a good buck. Any info is appreciated.

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    I had always wanted to hunt the Juniper Muzzleloader but with 16 points in 2009, I used them on a different unit. From all of the research I did, the Juniper Muzzleloader was an amazing hunt in the first 3 to 5 years it was open, but the quality really dropped in the years following.

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    I had a regular season South Juniper deer tag this past season. All I can say is - what a let down. With the lower number of tags offered for this hunt I thought we'd have some opportunity. Opening weekend, hunters were everywhere. Maybe I only scouted the "known" areas, but It was extremely tough. Never saw a shooter buck during the hunt. Now, the later season muzzleloader hunt could be pretty good, or without weather to get those bucks moving I can see it being extremely tough as well. One of these days, the State of Oregon is going to figure out if they don't start limiting deer tags more and start controlling predators better, they won't have to worry about revenue from tags because there isn't going to be any deer to hunt. ALL of the units, in my opinion, are over pressured, and to squeeze all of the hunters into a 10 day season is pure stupidity.



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