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    If you want to hunt the Panhandle of Idaho, be ready to navigate a rainforest like jungle Very thick and brushy country. The wolves have taken their toll up there as they have elsewhere in the state. It was quite apparent last season due to the IDFG eliminating cow elk havest in some units and cutting days from the seasons. Also, the lack of elk we saw and wolves we did see was quite depressing.

    Dirk Durham
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    I hear your concern, I fear that we are seeing wolves where I am at as well. We have actually spotted mountain lions during day time hours where we hunt. Bears are a regular sight as well. Each of the last few years I have had a shiras in bow range. I think what all of this is telling me is that the wolves are pushing other species around and effecting their beahvior. I fear that until we control the wolves our elk herd is going to suffer.



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