Anyone familar with the Greys River/Little Greys area? I think its unit 89 or around there. Just east of Thayne. My grandfather hunted there for decades. Before he passed in June, he showed me some of the areas he hunted. I think his last hunt there was in the early 90's. In his day, he shot 33 elk......most out of the greys area. Biggest bull was a 360" in the 1960's/1970's. I never got the opportunity to hunt with him out there, and would love to hunt the area. Just hunting the hills my grandfather used to hunt would mean alot to me.

I have 3 elk PP's, or will once i buy one this year. Would be looking at archery. How many pp's are needed to realistically have a shot at drawing?

any advice on this unit? are surrounding units better? He and my fam used to hunt on a ranch outside Thayne sometimes as well (to the west bordering Idaho, different unit than the greys).....I should call the rancher. I dont think he knows that grandpa passed. I only met him once, but him and grandpa hunted for decades together.

He also mentioned seeing alot of good mulies in the area. I think the mulie unit is 144, or region G. any advice or suggestions for mule deer in the greys area???

Wolves an issue?

anyways, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!