I guess I am a little behind on this sort of thing. I thought I would never need or use an IPhone. I could care less about surfing the Internet and checking email on one as I have a laptop with me most of the time for work. But I was out riding snowmobiles with a few friends and they had Iphones with google earth and gps. It was sure handy being able to see that just over the ridge from you there was an open valley. Something you cant see from a topo map. I'm not sure that alone can get me into getting one, so I was just wondering what else these phones can do for me in the back country? I see Cabelas has an app for hunting use?? What other apps do you guys have for using while in the outdoors.

Also What phones to look for. Right now I have AT&T but will most likely be going to Verizon has there service is better here.