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    Quality optics will cost more regardless of power, ie a Swarovski 20x will cost more than a Tasco 60x.

    I believe my spotter is 20-60x 65mm, and most of the time 60x isn't as clear as 45x etc...

    if you really want to use 60x I suggest you get a high quality glass 65mm, or go to 80mm lenses.

    Of course get the best you can afford.

    IMO if you get a dcent scope say 20-60x65, plan on max usable power around 45x most of the time. If you want more magnification, goto the 80mm and/or high quality glass. 20-60x80mm

    Part of me would like to have a big high quality 20-60x80mm and then get a backpack/lightweight something like 30-40x65mm or even smaller.

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    Thank you all so much! Looks like I need to start saving!

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    Hey bud I would suggest saving and looking for a razor hd. I had a $300 dollar spotter and it worked pretty well but once dialed up high and object was over 1000 yards I would have hard time seeing points. I was able to find a used razor hd for 1000 bucks, nice thing OS all warranties are fully transferable and the warranty itself is amazing. Unbelievable resolution for 1000 bucks. Bit on the heavy side being a 85mm objective, but to me definately worth the extra weigh.



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