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Those services and infrastructure you refer to are funded from entirely different sources than game and wildlife management, so I believe that part of your statement is non-valid. That's like saying you should pay a state $500 for the privilege of driving through it.
I am fully aware of where funding for wildlife management comes from. The bulk of wildlife funding comes from residents and their license fees, a small fraction comes from non-residents and their license fees. License fees are a tax, and residents pay taxes in MT in a lot of ways other than hunting/fishing licenses. While non-residents complain about paying high license fees they are using the infrastructure for free. You can believe my argument is invalid if you want, but ignoring the necessity of infrastructure for hunting doesn't make that necessity invalid.

As far as paying for the privilege to drive in MT. That is my point exactly, residents do pay for the privilege to drive in MT, and they pay for your privilege to drive here too. A lot of states charge visitors for that privilege through tolls. Other states offset non-resident infrastructure use through a sales tax. MT does not. MT welcomes non-residents, and asks them to invest in the wildlife they are enjoying in MT.

I am not trying to argue, just giving my point of view.