Hello all, i am down to the wire here and just cant decide on what to do being a non resident sure does make it tough. I am trying to line up my first time Elk hunt for myself with my Dad. He lets me do all the research because well he doesnt like computers to tell you the truth and its gotten too complicated in his mind and like me enjoy the DIY type hunt...I on the other hand dont mind doing the research including countless hours of research, looking over maps, and talking with biologists. Its like putting in for a lottery that you might actualy win!!

Anyways here is my problem, I have hunted Wyoming a few times for antelope, and have hunted mule deer, bear, wild pigs etc... but never Elk, besides helping buddies haul theirs out. Anyways I have 3 points for Wyoming and was looking at unit 48 for elk and region M for deer on the same trip. I talked to the biologist who said it was tough access and a ton of private property and the deer numbers dont look good. So the question is should I hold out for next year, or our there any other units you guys reccomend for a chance at a nice bull(happy with a 5 point bull for sure), without or limited wilderness areas, that is accesible?

I have looked over the MRS and just cant seem to find a good fit for my dad and I. He is limited on how far he can get back in so I was hoping to find something in some lower country like the bighorns. Ok sorry for the long post any help guys would be much appreciated...

So glad to be a member and subscriber to Eastmans it is the best resource I have ever found. Thank you