I am trying to decide how to use my Colorado deer preference points. Colorado outdoors preference points edition will be out soon and will give some more up to date info to help decide. Looking at 09 and 10 unit 55 3rd season looks like
7 points. Unit 61 2nd requires 7, 3rd needs 8. Unit 66 2nd needs 7 3rd is 9 and unit 67 3rd is 7. I am thinking unit 67 3rd rifle might be a good choice for me.

There is an early season nine day hunt in the north park that might be better yet for me, though there are not a lot of deer there and they are below objective. I will be 70 by the start of the season so I won't be climbing the tough mountians, however I can make a pretty long shot and that helps. Btw I have been trying to use these points but if a unit required 8 points with my information by the time I apply it requires 9, that just an example.
I would like to see how some of you with knowledge of these units would choose.