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    Wyoming second choice.

    What does everybody think on putting down a second choice for your hunts? In WY in particular but other states as well. I put in for a limited quota elk tag in WY the odds are long with my number of points. I went ahead and put in for a much easier to draw area 2nd choice. hoping to continue to build points but still get to go hunting this year.
    What are the real odds of this? Any or none? Just wondering why even have 2nd choices in draws. Maybe resident vs non is different idk. Has anybody ever drawn a gen or limited tag second choice in WY as a non res.?

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    Yeah, if you have the time and money to do it every year then go for it. I know a few guys that put in for limited entry as the first choice and then the general tag as the second choice.

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    I think you can probably draw the general tag as a second choice on the special tag. Otherwise, I think in every other unit that is worth a darn, there are no tags leftover after the first round so your second choice is basically good for nothing.



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