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Thread: Buddy heater

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    My buddy & I used a buddy heater in our wall tent on our first trip to Idaho, This year we are getting a wood stove. It worked good but you just cant replace that wood stove heat!

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    Not backcountry, (Base camp) but I used a Buddy Heater on my nylon cabin tent. (Lows in the upper teens to low 20's).

    I have my connected on a long hose and connect to a 11 or 20 lb bottle (Located outside to conserve space). Nothing sucks more than running out of fuel during the night! It definitely takes the chill out, but won't work well to dry clothes. Propane heat doesn't seem to dry like wood heat. If I had a stove cutout in a tent, I would choose wood.

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    Only tip I have on the Buddy heater is to make sure you place it on something that does not melt . We had on one the floor of a floored tent and used it just to take the bite off the cold in the mornings. It ended up melting the plastic tarp under the tent.



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