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    Can't go wrong with a 270 or 270WSM with 140gr accubonds, or a 7 mag with 160gr accubonds for what you are asking it to do. I also love my 264WM with the 140gr accubonds, but it isn't really any better than the others listed and you have to reload to get the performance from it.

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    My brother-in-law and I took his 270 WSM along to elk camp last fall as a "Back-up" rifle. We both shoot it very well and I had no reservations about hunting elk with it if necessary. It was loaded with 160gr Partitions to about 2900fps I think. 1/2 to 3/4" @ 100yds with either of us on the trigger. His primary rifle was the same LSS Remington in 7 Rem Mag. Mine was a 300 Ultra. I do in fact shoot PA whitetails with the big 30. None of my rifles are safe queens,and the deer don't seem to mind being shot with the Ultra.

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    .270 is great, but I would say that in order to find the right gun, shoot them, a 7 mag has a good kick, but if you can not handle the recoil no sense in shooting a gun that will scare you every time out. Shoot what makes you feel comfortable. The .270 is an awesome round, but do not let someone else tell you what to shoot. I would suggest that you find a rifle that you can comfortably shoot without having to have a muzzle brake or a recoil pad like a mattress attached. Accuracy is better than caliber , if you can get to the vitals everytime caliber size doesn't mean much. I have seen Elk taken with a 25-06, because the shooter was capable fo putting the round where it would do the most damage. Get good with the a round like a .270 and you will have the best combination, a marksman and thier rifle.

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    Don't know if this is proper or not, but I have an excellent Elk rifle for sale. Its a blue printed Remington 700 in .300 WinMag with a Leupold 3x9x40 scope + extras. If you are interested PM me and I'll give anyone thedetails.



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