Let me thank everyone in advance, I know without tools like these it would be much more difficult and costly to put together DIY hunts, especially out of state. If anyone has any questions regarding NM I will return the favor.

My 65 year old dad and I are looking to try our hand in WY. The goal is to spend time with family and hunt. The hardest part about hunting with my dad is keeping him from shooting the 1st legal animal he sees, so trophy quality is second to seeing animals and having opportunities. I have guided hunts for 17 years so I'm not looking for anyone's honey hole just application strategy and access points. We are building points in CO and since NM is a total crap shoot we have decided to base our application strategy around hunting deer in WY.

We have 0 points and based on the MRS and other internet research it looks like the General Region Y hunt fits the bill for us. Deer numbers were affected by the hard winter last year, but not as bad as other parts of the state.

In my research it appears this region holds deer in the 10-12/square mile (2010) so I figure this coming season barring any ridiculous spring storms will probably be in the 8-10/square mile range. Is that a reasonable assumption?

All of the units in this region except 24 and 27 have decent amounts of public land, by my standards anyway? Is it fairly accessible?

I understand there is wilderness area in unit 28 that will be off limits to us. How is the rest of the Forest Service? Is it rugged? My dad is pretty stout but I don't want to kill him. Is the Forest Service tight timber where you have to dig them out or can you spot and stalk.

It appears that we can also draw with 0 points Antelope in units that overlap region Y deer units for the same time. How is Antelope unit 21? How is the deer hunting in the same area? Is it worth it to get the antelope tag and apply for the extra doe tags as well?

Thanks again!